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We love to shout about everything Selby has to offer.
Let us be your greatest cheerleader too...

> Advertising works

Our audience love their home town, support businesses in the Selby area and actively want to shop locally more of the time.

TheSelebian can help your business reach a local audience others can't.

> Who you can reach

Analysis shows 23,282 unique users came to our site during February 2015.

They saw 50,397 pages of content. 69.7% of users viewed our content using their mobile phone. Only with TheSelebian can you reach a modern, tech-savvy Selby.

> Our readers are real people

Men vs women

61% Female
39% Male

Age range

14% aged 18-24
22% aged 25-34
22% aged 35-44
22% aged 45-54
14% aged 55-64
6% aged 65+

Children in household

45% have no kids
55% have kids

Household afluence

53% £0-30k
29% £30-50k
10% £50-70k
8% £70k+

> Why our readership is growing

We are Selby's No 1 website for local news. Our content is unique and professionally written.

We target users on facebook and twitter to give our followers a taste of the content they just have to share.
New advertising rate card for for Summer 2016!
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