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Líam Heppell

Líam Heppell

Liam founded this site as Selby Online back in 2000. His first experience of local journalism was covering the Selby Floods in November 2000.

Time away working in the world of Local Government has given Liam a unique insight into how the organisations that shape the lives of those who govern us work, and what makes those in charge tick.

Now back at the site he created, now rebooted as TheSelebian, Liam combines his day to day editor duties with writing on local government matters in Selby.

3,258 without power from 11am yesterday. Final homes reconnected at 8:30pm

Little support from parents, consultation meetings branded 'shambolic', but NYCC pressing ahead with controversial plans.

Thursday, 05 November 2015 20:50

Useful phones and contacts

A free-to-attend photography exhibition this week celebrates the Selby district’s special summer of cycling.

Council can't lawfully consider application after failing to check application was 'valid'.

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