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Accountant spared jail despite £300k tax fraud

Accountant spared jail despite £300k tax fraud

A Selby area accountant who committed tax fraud of more than £300,000 will not not go to jail.

The Hirst Coutney man, Charles Brown, 58, had told authorities that his company was dormant, despite earning revenues in excess of £800,000.

Brown was handed a two-year prison sentence that has been suspended for two years after pleading guilty to cheating the public revenue, evading VAT and two additional counts of fraud by failure to disclose his income tax and National Insurance liabilities. 

While he will not go to prison, Brown will also be made to do 200 hours of unpaid work and attend rehabilitative sessions for a further five.

He will face further action next winter when a HM Revenue and Customs confiscation order goes to court. This will seek to to regain the amount the prosecution says he rightly owes.

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First published at 12:56 on Friday, March 24th, 2023.