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Leading public figures offer Christmas messages to the Selby area

As Christmas Day approaches, Selby Online bring you seasonal messages of good will from Selby's Mayor, Tadcaster's Deputy Mayor, the Chairman of Selby Council and the vicar at Selby Abbey.

Published 8 years ago | Updated 8 years ago

Revd. Canon John Weetman

Vicar at Selby Abbey, Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Germain

It is clear in his Gospel that St Luke regarded the coming of Christ into the world as Good News for the poor and lowly. It’s there in Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel as he brings her the amazing news that she is to bear God’s Son. It’s there in Jesus’ birth in a dirty stable, not a magnificent palace. It’s there in his first visitors being humble shepherds, not kings or priests. As far as Luke is concerned, Christmas brings good news to the poor.

Sadly for many people the opposite is true. After rent or mortgage arrears, Christmas is the next biggest cause of personal debt in the UK and can therefore be a major headache for those with little money to go around.

For this reason, the Archbishop of Canterbury recently encouraged people to find other ways of being generous at Christmas than simply buying expensive ‘must have’ (or ‘don’t really need/want’) presents. Giving someone your time, offering particular skills you may have, making sure they’re not alone at Christmas, perhaps. Or if you are able to spend some money on them, and especially if they’re one of those people who you don’t know what to get, maybe think about a ‘charitable gift’ – a card showing you’ve donated something to a charity such as Christian Aid or Oxfam on their behalf. It’s one way of making a small amount of money go a long way - £7 can feed a family in the Developing World following a typhoon or drought for example.

The Archbishop’s suggestion wasn’t just for those for whom money is tight, but for any of us, to remind us that Christmas isn’t so much about giving presents for their own sake, but about showing people that we care.

May this Christmas be good news for you and for those you’re able to bless with a little of your love and care.



Cllr Rosie Corrigan

Mayor of Selby and Town Councillor for Selby West

As 2014 draws to a close, we have the opportunity to reflect on the year that we leave behind.

We remember the highlights. I will remember being fortunate enough to have spent my year meeting our wonderful local children and young people. I will remember meeting Selby’s incredible Young Carers who have and will continue to inspire me for years to come.

I will also remember 2014 as the year of honouring the memory of the men, women and children in this special centenary year of the First World War who sacrificed so much of their present, for the future that we live in. It has been moving and uplifting to see so many local children playing their part in remembering them. They have written poems, lit candles and even built a peace garden. Selby’s children, our future, will never forget.

Being born and bred in Selby I know how generous local people are. That is why I ask you at this time of celebration to think especially of those who may not be as fortunate as you are. I ask you to think particularly of the local children whose Christmas time may not be as fortunate as others’. And I ask you to do something about it. To donate to or volunteer at the local food bank to ensure that local families don’t go hungry. Or to support charities who give gifts to children locally who would otherwise miss out this Christmas time. And I ask you to consider making your New Year’s Resolution to help local children and young people in any way that you can, because in 2015 just as in 2014, we still have children who will somehow need your help.

On behalf of Selby Town Council, I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.



Cllr John Cattanach

Chairman of Selby District Council and District Councillor for Cawood and Wistow

As someone who has lost a very close family member in the last year, could I use this message to ask everyone to think about near neighbours and friends who may be alone this Christmas, possibly for the first time?

Is there a spare seat at your Christmas table? Perhaps someone on their own could invite another on their own to join them?

Christmas is not only a time for receiving but a time of giving and sharing.

May I wish everyone in Selby District a joyful Christmas and a healthy and happy 2015.



Cllr Roderick Parker

Deputy Mayor of Tadcaster

“Christmas is a time for giving”, to quote the old cliché.   But in our communities we need to recognise and celebrate those who are giving all the year round – the workers and volunteers in our midst who turn a cluster of people living in a town or a village into a community.   It is always invidious to single out any one person or group, as almost by definition some of these workers and volunteers are unseen and perhaps unknown to anyone outside their immediate circle.  But our thanks go out to them all at this time of year, known and unknown alike.   On a sad and different note, we also need to see what each of us can do for anyone who is on their own, or feeling isolated even if in company, at this time of year. Physical isolation is one of the great problems of our society, one that is not alleviated by the austerity politics that surrounds us.

Here in Tadcaster we look forward to some changes for the better in 2015. 

We hope to see the riverside project come to a happy conclusion, and we can anticipate some building and redevelopment on publicly-owned land.  Many of us hope that the full river crossing by foot, using the viaduct and the links either side, will be reopened to the public, after a short but vital stretch was arbitrarily closed by a new landowner nearly three years ago. Who knows, some of the eyesores in the centre of the town may be dealt with, and become again the thriving businesses and happy homes that they once were. 

Our town has some excellent facilities and some wonderful people, and perhaps 2015 will be a year when we can, all of us, work for the town as one.  

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