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Colleges looking to Selby example on how to boost standards nationwide

Two of Selby College's top educators have been called upon to advise on how core subject results can be boosted at colleges nationwide.


Deputy Principal Janet Meenaghan and Director of Curriculum Steve Fowler were invited to London to a national conference lead by the Association of Colleges. They were there in a bid to help other colleges meet Department for Education requirements to improve English and maths attainment amongst young people.

It is the latest in a series of initiatives Selby College has undertaken to help other similar colleges rise to the high level of performance Selby College continues to achieve.

In a report presented at the conference, Janet and Steve pointed out that English and maths enrolments had consistently risen at the college year on year, and qualification achievements were consistently above national benchmarks. They also emphasised that clear communication with prospective students about the importance of English and maths in their future careers, coupled with a positive culture, were vital in promoting success in English and maths.

The Senior Management Team members demonstrated how successful results are achieved through four simple steps – very high expectations, support, encouragement and clear teaching.

Janet said, “It is a great pleasure to attend the AoC conference every year, and we were delighted to present Selby College initiatives, as one of the nation’s leading colleges, to other colleges.

“Our English and maths enrolments significantly increase year on year with results placing us in the top 10 per cent of colleges nationally.

“It was great to meet teams from other colleges and share our strategies, initiatives and performance results as a college with a reputation for being a high-performing Further Education provider."

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First published at 08:47 on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015.