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Top 5 best (and worst) rumours doing rounds over old KwikSave store

Let's be honest with ourselves, Selby, we love a good rumour!

Top 5 best (and worst) rumours doing rounds over old KwikSave store
Published 4 years ago | Updated 4 years ago

I guess you could call it the curse of living in a sleepy small town in the middle of Yorkshire, but when something's new around here... people are going to notice.

It never seems to matter how trivial the change is, nor whether anybody actually has any clue over what and why it has happened. We love to gossip about our town and our fellow Selebians and it matters not-a-jot how utterly bonkers the resulting rumours become.

So, imagine how quickly Selby's rumour mill got up to speed when eagle-eyed townsfolk spotted work going on at Gowthorpe's long-derelict old KwikSave store. Within minutes the facebooks and twitters were buzzing with a myriad of insightful explanations and the wishful ponderings of people who thought they could shed light on what would become of the new store.

We spent a little time trawling the web and have compiled a list of our favourites of the top five best and worst rumours currently being churned out of the mill.


1. Marks and Sparks?

It's one rumour that pops up each and every time one of the town's larger shops comes up for grabs.

Woolies was going to be an M&S, Farmfoods was going to be an M&S and then one of the new shops that were going to be built on the Selby Abbey Primary School site (remember those plans?) were going to be an M&S too. In spite of this, sadly Marks and Spencer is yet to come to town.

Given their current preference for opening new stores at the out-of-town developments and the huge Trinity Leeds-style centres in big cities, it would seem like a tall order to attract the former Leeds grocer to our small town.

Never say never though and it's not impossible to think that a unit like the old KwikSave store could become home to a smaller M&S Food.


2. InShops reborn?

Here's another one that pops up from time to time and we have already seen this one in a couple of places online.

For those who either can't remember the old InShops or was not living in Selby during the 1990s, the InShops was a sort of indoor market that used to occupy what is now Home Bargains and the Vodafone store, the biggest unit in the Market Cross Shopping Centre.

Calling it an indoor market conjures up rosy images of farm fresh produce and great deals on items that would cost double elsewhere. The reality what somewhat different, however.

Whilst the InShops did have its good points, a good butcher, old-fashioned cobbler and the pet shop from where every kid in town had at the very least bought a goldfish and a guinea pig. But it was also a dreary, soul-destroying maze that looked like something from a mid-2000s Playstation shoot-em-up set in Soviet-era Russia.

The centre spent much of its last five years mostly unoccupied and eventually gave up the ghost all together around the time that plans were unveiled to redevelop the Market Cross Shopping Centre. (and we all remember how successful those plans were)


3. HMV?

We would dearly love this one to be right. How cool would it be to be able to buy actual music and movies in a physical shop in the middle of Selby? The answer... Very!

And for the record, when we say 'music' we mean from a better selection than the top 10 Gagas, Murses and One Directions of this world that are laughably served up in your local supermarket's entertainment aisle.

But as much as we really would love this rumour to turn out to be true, it suffers one massive flaw... Thanks to Amazon, iTunes and Netflix, nobody buys their music or films on a physical disc any more.

That's the harsh reality that completely obliterated Woolies and the Virgin Megastores from our nation's highstreets and has kept HMV teetering on the edge of oblivion ever since.


4. KFC?

C'mon people – who's ever heard of a cavernous 6,500 square foot fried chicken emporium? It's bonkers!

For those who really do want to see the Colonel bring his secret recipe to town, you should probably check out his actual plans to set up shop near Selby Business Park!


5. Charity Shop Superstore?!

This one was less of a genuine rumour (if that's not a contradiction in terms), and more general moan over the sheer number of charity shops, card retailers, hairdressers, nail-bars and takeaways that always seem to spring up in place of a previously loved retailer.

On the other hand, if the old KwikSave was to be re-opened up as a superstore to house the town's existing charity shops just think how many prime retail units would be back on the open market.... to eventually become another hairdresser.

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