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Sherburn kids dig archaeology

Sherburn kids dig archaeology

A team of young archaeologists from Sherburn have received a helping hand from a national housebuilder.

Persimmon Homes Yorkshire has dug a trench in the grounds of Athelstan Community Primary School to help replicate an archaeological dig, as part of the school’s history project.

Various artefacts will be buried in the pit allowing the pupils to unearth their discoveries and understand the significance of archaeology as class teacher, James Tucker, explained.

He said: “This is a new and exciting project for all of the key stage two pupils and we are very grateful to the Persimmon team for their time in helping to make it possible.

“By creating our own dig the children will gain a clear understanding of what archaeology is all about.

“It’s a very hands-on project as the children will need to dig and sieve soil, searching for their special finds. Each item will need to be carefully washed before being identified, categorised and catalogued, just as a professional archaeologist would need to do.

“We were unable to dig our own trench, due to the ground being too hard, so we approached Persimmon as they have begun work on a major development half a mile from the school and we thought they would have the right tools to help.”

The leading housebuilder was pleased to help the school, as the start of its new development has coincided with the school’s own expansion project which will see its premises double in size in preparation for its expected increase in pupil numbers, due to new build developments.

Persimmon Homes will build 224 homes at its Ceretic Park site, off Low Street, which will feature a collection of two, three and four bedroom homes.

Kevin Thubron, sales director at Persimmon Homes Yorkshire, said “We expect Ceretic Park will have quite an impact on the neighbourhood so were more than happy to support the local community where we can. As Sherburn in Elmet is so rich in history the children might well find a real artefact.”