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Key Selby bus company goes into liquidation; services stopped after midnight

Key Selby bus company goes into liquidation; services stopped after midnight
Published 6 years ago | Updated 6 years ago

Bus passengers have faced a difficult morning commute after the shock closure of a local bus company.

Sherburn-based Utopia Coaches went into liquidation as of 00:01 this morning leaving a string of Selby villages without local bus services.

The announcement was made via a post to the company's twitter account. Customers have been advised to get in touch for liquidator information.

Utopia had operated a number of routes, connecting York and Selby with a variety of villages across the western half of the Selby District.

Some of the company's services were operated under contract to North Yorkshire County Council. These were predominantly local services and school routes.

An NYCC statement said the authority reads as follows:

The County Council is looking at the network of services and what action it can take to minimise disruption to passengers. Several local transport providers have contacted the Council to offer their assistance and we will work with them to try to fill the gaps left in the transport network in the most appropriate way that resources permit.

Pupils entitled to free home to school transport will not be disrupted by the changes and arrangements with new contractors will be put in place for the start of the new school term in September.

In lieu of other services being available in the short term, the following organisations may be able to assist passengers needing to get to urgent medical appointments or essential local amenities:

Selby District Community Transport: 01757 708036
Tadcaster Volunteer Cars & Services: 01937 835600


County Councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Passenger Transport, added, “The withdrawal of these services by Utopia Coaches came out of the blue. We are working hard to determine the most appropriate course of action and secure continuity of an appropriate level of service for passengers.”

Utopia has been approached for comment.


Routes affected:

Line Route
8 Selby to Drax
37 Tadcaster to York
420 Selby to York (via Cawood, Wistow)
422 Pontefract to York
424 Selby to Stockbridge
492 Pontefract to Tadcaster
493 Pontefract to Tadcaster
494 South Milford to Tadcaster


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First published at 10:06 on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017.
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