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How Selby is represented nationally

Published 7 years ago | Updated 7 years ago

Selby is represented in Westminster as part of the Selby & Ainsty parliamentary constituency. 

The constituency was contested for the first time at the 2010 election, following changes to the UK constituency map by the Boundary Commission. Prior to the changes, several communities that had traditionally been part of the old Selby constituency were taken away and merged into a new 'York Outer' constituency.

Resulting from this, Selby was left with a drastically lower population and no longer deemed viable as a stand alone seat. Selby was subsequently clumped together with a number of communities from the within the boundaries of the Borough of Harrogate, creating the modern day Selby & Ainsty seat.

As a whole, Selby & Ainsty has a working population whose income is close to the national average and enjoys a lower than average reliance upon social housing. But, this statistic masks a higher degree of deprivation in the three areas of greater population density, namely Selby, Tadcaster and Sherburn.

The constituency has an electorate of around 74,000 voters. 69% of the constituency's electorate turned out to vote at the most recent election in 2015 - down slightly on the 71% who voted in 2010.

The current member of parliament for the area is Nigel Adams MP who was returned to Parliament for a second term in 2015, polling 53% of the area's popular vote.


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