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Council Tax Calculator: April 2015-March 2016

How much you pay and how its divvied up!

Council Tax Calculator: April 2015-March 2016
Published 7 years ago | Updated 7 years ago

2015/16 Council Tax Calculator (Beta)

Please provide the following pieces of information to help us give an indication of how much Council Tax you should be paying in 2015/16.

Which band has your property been allocated?

All homes in England and Scotland have been grouped into valuation bands based on an estimation of their value on April 1st, 1991 - even if they were not built then. If you don't know what band your property belongs to you can find out by clicking here. The higher the band, the higher the valuation and the more you pay!

Which community do you live in?

The slice of council tax money that is passed to your local town or parish council varies from community to community and so we need to know this before we can work out your total bill.

Are you the sole occupant of this property?

Council Tax bills are calculated based on the home being occupied by two or more adults sharing. Where a home is occupied by only one adult Councils apply a discount of 25%.
Tick the box if this applies to you.

Council Tax

The following is a breakdown of how your 2015/16 Council Tax bill has been calculated. The ammounts listed are based on the figures published by Selby District Council in March 2015.

North Yorkshire County Council

The largest slice of your bill is sent to the County Council in Northallerton. NYCC's responsibilities include providing primary and secondary education for the county's young people, maintaining most of the road network, trading standards and also running Selby Library. You can find out more at

Selby District Council

Selby District Council are responsible for a number of services including environmental health, council housing, electoral registration, planning control and refuse collection. You can find out more at

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue provide emergency response to fires as well as community safety and fire prevention work, including the enforcement of fire safety legislation.

North Yorkshire Police

Julia Mulligan is North Yorkshire's Police Commissioner. She is responsible for setting the budget of North Yorkshire Police Service and overseeing the force's work.

The Selby District is divided into a large number of Civil Parishes. Local community councils in these areas are responsible for a number of services including (varying from community to community) markets, allotments, recreation open space. Some councils also provide Christmas lights and Guy Fawkes fireworks displays.

Discounts and exemptions

Based on the answers you provided above we have applied the discounts we think you could be entitled to.

This council tax calculator is currently still in beta mode and only has the capability to calculate discounts for single occupancy. We strongly urge you to visit to Council's website to find out if any special circumstances apply to you which could allow for further discounts or exemptions.

Single adult household

- £
If you have checked the box to indicate that your household has only one adult resident there we will now deduct your 25% discount
You pay £

If you pay over ten monthly instalments (April through January) your monthly payment will be approximately £ .

If you pay twelve monthly instalments your monthly payment will be around £ .


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