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Album release for former Selby Battle of the Bands star | The Selebian
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Album release for former Selby Battle of the Bands star

A local cult punk rock band whose frontman hails from Sherburn has unveiled a brand-new video music video ahead of the launch of their forthcoming album.


'Welcome To My Shangri-La' is set to be the first release from Eureka Machines' album 'Brain Waves', due to drop on Monday, April 27th.

Fronted by Sherburn's 'Chris Catalyst', the Machines' are described as a mix of punk rock and powerpop. Chris, who's previous bands include The Sisters Of Mercy, Mariachi El Bronx and The Ginger Wildheart Band, is well known to gig-goers in the Selby area, having appeared in the Battle of the Bands at Selby's Riverside.

The release of the record is being hailed as a triumph for the the band's dedicated fanbase. Entirely crowd-funded by devoted fans, the album hit 100% of its required target in a mere 80 minutes.

The staunchly independent band have previously had plenty of success on PledgeMusic; third album, 'Remain In Hope' hit over 500% of its intended target and garnered excellent reviews from mainstream press, receiving 8/10 in Classic Rock and 5/5 in The Sun, while Spin Magazine heralded debut album ‘Do Or Die’ as ‘the sweet spot between Green Day and 10cc… fantastic (5/5)’.

The dominating theme behind the 'Brain Waves' album is the topic of mental health issues. The band is donating 10% of everything to MIND, the mental health charity, raising over £3500 so far. 

Singer Chris Catalyst comments on just how important 'Brain Waves' and the fans' involvement is to the band: “It means everything. In the grand scheme of things, we are a tiny, totally DIY band, but the people that care about us really care. That means far to us more than having a million people who simply ‘quite’ like us,” he says. “People parting upfront with their hard-earned cash to fund our records – especially in the current climate – is a huge deal to us, and we try to repay them ten-fold. It’s a two-way thing. They pay and we graft, for them. And for MIND, who do amazing work for those suffering with mental health issues.”

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