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Police warn of local keyless car thefts | The Selebian
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Police warn of local keyless car thefts


Selby area police are warning owners of keyless entry vehicle to be on guard after a spate of thefts in recent days.

In two occasions, a Land Rover and a Range Rover stolen from properties along the A63 corridor from Selby to the village of Hambleton.

Officers say investigations into these thefts are still ongoing.

Police have the following advice for owners of any make of keyless entry car:

  • 'Keyless entry' cars unlock automatically when the key comes within a short distance of the vehicle.
  • This can be from inside a pocket or bag. (If you have to push a button on your car key to open your car, you don't have keyless entry).
  • Keyless car theft, also known as 'relay theft', is when criminals use a device to fool the car into thinking the key is close by. This unlocks the car and starts the ignition.
  • Thieves only need to be within a few metres of your car key to capture the signal, even if it’s inside your home. This means that even if your car and home are secure, thieves can still unlock, start and steal your car.
  • Keep your car key (and the spare) well away from the car itself - and put them in a screened or signal-blocking pouch, such as a Faraday Bag or box.
  • If you buy a second-hand car, consider reprogramming the keys.
  • And, if possible, turn off the wireless signal on your fob when it's not being used.
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