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NYCC Election: First results in as votes counted | The Selebian
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NYCC Election: First results in as votes counted

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Results have begun to be declared as counting of votes from yesterday's county council election takes place in Selby.

Ballot boxes from polling stations across the Selby district have been taken to the Civic Centre, where totting up will began at 10 o'clock this morning.

The winning candidate will then represent their electoral divisions on North Yorkshire County Council for a period of four years.

Across North Yorkshire, a total 72 councillors will be elected, with 10 of those representing areas in the Selby district.

North Yorkshire County Council is thought likely to remain under the control of the Conservatives. Until yesterday's vote, the council was made up of 45 Tories, 9 NY Independents, 7 Labour councillors, 5 Liberal Democrats, 2 Liberals, 2 UKIP members and a further 2 who are unaffiliated.





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