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Nigel Adams issues full statement, following 'immediate' resignation | The Selebian
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Nigel Adams issues full statement, following 'immediate' resignation


Out-going Selby MP, Nigel Adams, has commented after announcing his resignation.

Speaking via his LinkedIn page, Mr. Adams said:

Further to my announcement to stand down from Parliament with immediate effect, I want to make clear that I remain committed to the Conservative Party and support this Government in its work to continue delivering on the issues that matter most to the British people.

I have left Parliament to return to my private sector career but I will continue to make the case for Conservative values. It is essential that the Conservatives under Rishi Sunak win the next election and I will do my utmost to ensure that happens.

I am looking also forward to helping our excellent new candidate Michael Naughton in the by-election and at the General Election. He knows the area and was born in Selby. He has served our country well and I know he will serve our part of North Yorkshire well.

Our former Prime Minister and my friend Boris Johnson delivered a historic election victory in 2019. Boris deserves our thanks and respect for getting the country through the pandemic, not just by delivering the fastest vaccine but saving us from a further lockdown in the winter of 2021 when experts and others including Keir Starmer were desperate to lock us all in our homes again.

He saved Brexit from attempts to thwart it. And following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he helped secure a coalition of major nations who are backing Ukraine against Putin’s tyranny.

The people of this great country overwhelmingly put their trust in us in 2019 and by ensuring we deliver on their priorities between now and the next election, the Conservatives can and must win in 2024.

Nigel Adams' resignation has fired the starting gun on a by-election that will be hotly contested between both the Conservatives and Labour.

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