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NYCC Election: Last call for voter registration | The Selebian
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NYCC Election: Last call for voter registration

No vote, no voice.


Selby area residents are being urged to make sure they are registered to vote ahead of county council elections.

Voters across the county will go to the polls on Thursday, 4 May, to elect North Yorkshire County Councillors to represent them for the next four years.

County residents who are eligible to vote but are not yet on the electoral register have until only April 13 to register to enable them to vote in the poll.

If you have not yet received a poll card, you may not be registered. Visit to register or contact your district council for more information.

For registered voters who will not be able to attend a polling station on 4 May, deadlines are also approaching for the submission of postal vote and proxy vote applications. People have until 5pm on Tuesday,18 April, to apply for a postal vote and until 5pm on Tuesday, 25 April, for a proxy vote. Again, your district council can help.

North Yorkshire County Council Chief Executive Richard Flinton said: “We would urge all eligible residents to ensure that they are registered to vote and to use their vote in the County Council elections on 4 May. The authority is responsible for many everyday services, including social services for adults and children, roads and public health.  Your vote gives you a say in the shape of the authority at a time of continuing change, as we meet severe financial pressures and transform the way services are delivered, working increasingly closely with communities and other partners.”

The four-yearly election will cover all 72 County Council seats across 68 divisions. Details of the candidates standing will be published by 4pm on 5 April 2017.

More information about the elections, including all the key dates in the run-up to the vote on 4 May, can be found on the county council website,


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