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Selby's MP backs government in battle over public sector pay freeze | The Selebian
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Selby's MP backs government in battle over public sector pay freeze


Selby's MP has helped the government to a narrow victory over a bid to reverse cuts in emergency services and end the ongoing freeze on public sector pay.

Conservative Nigel Adams towed the party line as whips battled to keep the Queen's Speech from being derailed when members got back to business after the snap General Election.

Opposition members tabled an 'amendment of regret' to the speech that would have called for an end to the 1% limit on public workers' pay rises that had been in force for the last seven years.

The motion was voted down by 323 votes to 309, with the government surviving the vote with a majority of just 14. The slender margin giving early proof of the value of the 10 DUP members 'bought' to shore up the May administration's diminished power in the newly hung parliament.

On the other side of the Commons, three Labour shadow cabinet members have been sacked after defying the whip over a separate amendment on continued membership of the Single Market. 

Labour front-benchers had been ordered to abstain during a vote tabled by rebel remainer Chucka Umunna. 

Leader Jeremy Corbyn last night ejected Andy Slaughter, Ruth Cadbury and Catherine West from his shadow cabinet while Daniel Zeichner opted to leave under his own steam.

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